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Report: Texas border is wide open following retreat by National Guard

More migrant caravans are reported to be heading to the U.S. They are heading to what was reported to be a 'wide open' border.
by WorldTribune Staff, October 11, 2021

The U.S. southern border was left "wide open" after governors called back the National Guard and state police they had sent this summer to assist with the crisis at the border, a report said.

With the additional personnel gone, the border has been effectively unmanned with just 6 percent of the reinforcements left behind, the Washington Examiner reported on Oct. 10.

“We used to have a National Guard posted there,” Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera, who is stationed at the Hidalgo, Texas point of entry, told the Washington Examiner. “There was another one right over here, but they took that guy, too."

Cabrera, the vice president of the Border Patrol union’s Rio Grande Valley chapter, pointed to a total of 11 spots where National Guard soldiers had been posted all summer.

"Now, no one is keeping watch and Cabrera admits that agents, half of whom have been pulled from the field to transport and process illegal crossers in custody, do not even know who is coming through in those unguarded areas. Cabrera described it as 'wide open,' " Washington Examiner homeland security reporter Anna Giaritelli noted.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in June asked for help at the border from other states as thousands upon thousands of migrants poured across Team Biden's open border. Arkansas and South Dakota sent in state National Guard soldiers, while state troopers were called in from Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio.

Four months later, nearly all of the National Guard and state police from other states have returned home, according to the Texas Division of Emergency Management and the Texas Military Department.

"The 48 soldiers from South Dakota were called back. Among the state police, all 14 in Ohio, 26 in Nebraska, 28 in Iowa, and 69 from Florida have been pulled from the line, unable to endlessly work out of state," Giaritelli noted.

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