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Reports: Iran acquires missile fuel, exploited earthquake to send weapons to Syria

Israel reportedly attacked Syria’s Aleppo Airport after Iran delivered weapons there under the guise of earthquake aid.
FPI / April 20, 2023


Iran used the cover of delivering earthquake aid to move weapons and other military equipment to the Syrian regime and likely to its terror proxy Hizbullah which operates openly in Syria, reports say.

Meanwhile, Politico reported that Iran is in secret talks with China and Russia to acquire sanctioned missile fuel.

“Teheran has held concurrent negotiations with officials and government-controlled entities from both countries, including the state-owned Russian chemical maker FKP Anozit, to acquire large amounts of ammonium perchlorate, or AP, the main ingredient in solid propellants used to power missiles, said the diplomats, who requested anonymity in order to discuss confidential information,” the report said.

The Jerusalem Post noted that Iran and Hizbullah had rushed to claim they were giving aid to Syria after the earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey on Feb. 6.

Iran used a Qeshm Fars Air 747 to move what it claimed was aid to Damascus.

“Flights like this can easily conceal military equipment,” the Jerusalem Post noted.

The Post had earlier reported that Iran was likely taking advantage of the earthquake to smuggle aid. Another report, based on an interview in Saudi Arabia’s Elaph newspaper, said that Israel vowed to strike any weapons Iran sends to Syria under this pretext.

Aleppo's runway was reportedly hit by Israel just hours after two Iranian cargo planes had landed with arms shipments under the pretext of aid relief, said a regional source. Supposedly IRGC Quds Force head Ismael Qaani flew in to the area as well, soon after the earthquake.

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