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Russell Brand: Legacy media trying to normalize heart attacks in young, healthy people

Legacy media continue to dismiss any connection between the Covid shots and an alarming increase in the number of young people suffering heart ailments.
by WorldTribune Staff, July 5, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

Legacy media is engaged in a concerted effort to normalize the surge in cardiac events, including heart attacks, suffered by young, healthy people while at the same time dismissing any connection to the Covid injections, comedian and political commentator Russell Brand said.

“On legacy media, it’s quite possible to watch a kind of bright breezy, cheerful news item about heart attacks as if it’s like some new trend, as if it’s Pogs or Pokemon Go or something,” Brand said Tuesday on an episode of his “Stay Free” podcast. “It’s a new sensation, heart disease in young people.”

Brand cited a May 30 segment on NBC’s “Today” show — “A new way of thinking about heart attacks” — which reported, “Doctors say they’re seeing an alarming number of seemingly healthy patients having heart attacks and those patients are getting younger and younger.”

NBC noted that “more than 10% of heart attack patients had no known risk factors, such as obesity or smoking.”

According to “Today,” doctors at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital are “tracking patients to see if they can uncover the new risk factors behind this trend” and “unravel the mystery of young heart attacks.” The report suggested several risk factors, including the obesity epidemic and “long-smoldering inflammation” — though Brand noted that “Today” didn’t suggest what might be causing the inflammation.

Brand said: “I’ve got an idea. Type ‘mRNA,’ ‘spike protein cleavage site,’ ‘DARPA,’ ‘EcoHealth Alliance’ ‘NIH’” (National Institutes of Health) into your laptop or phone search bar. Put in there, ‘Wuhan Institute of Virology.’ Put into your search engine, ‘Anthony Fauci,’ put ‘dual-purpose weapons research.’ ”

In March 2023, documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense and Project Veritas obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request to the CDC revealed the agency, along with Pfizer, withheld evidence that the Covid shots caused myocarditis.

In May 2023, more evidence surfaced showing that at least as early as February 2021, the CDC was aware of evidence of myocarditis safety signals in young men — but withheld the information from Covid vaccine package inserts.

Several experts have identified connections between the Covid shots and significant increases in deaths among healthy young people and among athletes — including young athletes.

Brand slammed efforts by public health authorities and legacy media to sidestep any connection between increased incidences of heart attacks and the Covid injections.

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of this without ever indicting a major pharmaceutical company,” Brand said.

“In a way, this is hilarious and brilliant, but this is sort of also the way that the legacy media functions, even through innocuous soft power in introducing and normalizing ideas that should be galling and terrifying,” Brand added.

Brand said some prominent journalists, such as Tucker Carlson, are an exception to this — but that these journalists have been “vilified as sort of propagandists and figures of hatred” due to their public criticism of the Covid shots.

“We can sue makers of playground equipment totally fine. We can sue anybody for anything. Gun manufacturers,” Carlson said. Yet, “you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers, and every vaccine causes injuries, every single one.”

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