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S. Korean prosecutor who sent former president to jail on bribery charges without evidence, accused of bribery

Park Young-Soo
by WorldTribune Staff, July 9, 2021

A universal pattern with political forces of the Left — accusing foes of its own sins — has been evidenced in a once anti-communist U.S. ally in Asia.

The special prosecutor who sent conservative South Korean President Park Geun-Hye to prison for 22 years on charges of bribery has now been caught up in bribery allegations of his own, a report said.

Park Young-Soo has resigned as special prosecutor after police obtained digital data containing the circumstances in which a fishery businessman rented a Porsche car under his employee’s name for 10 days in December last year and provided it to the special prosecutor Park, East Asia Research Center reported on July 7.

Park Young-Soo's team had charged Park Geun-Hye with numerous crimes, bribery being the major charge.

"Despite the massive resources at their disposal and continuous digging, the prosecutors never could find any evidence that Park Geun-Hye took bribes, yet the court still sent her to jail," East Asia Research Center's Tara O noted.

In the report, the police also said they had seized information about the situation in which the businessman, identified only as Mr. Kim, provided expensive watches and cash to other prosecutors who were active on special prosecutor Park’s team.

The fishery businessman has been indicted for fraud worth ₩10 billion ($8.8 million) on charges of making exchanges with politicians, including Park Ji-Won, director of the National Intelligence Service, and former lawmaker Kim Moo-Sung and providing money to prosecutors, police, and journalists.

Special Prosecutor Park said: “I rented it [Porsche) for a few days because I was in a rural area. Two days later, the car was returned, and the rental fee of ₩2.5 million ($2,200) was delivered to Mr. Kim through lawyer B.”

Police reported having possession of digital file information that the car was rented through someone else’s name and Park did not pay for the rental upon renting it.

"Perhaps realizing that it is against the law, Park said he paid the rent 3 months later," the East Asia Research Center report said. "The police are reviewing whether to charge the special prosecutor Park Young-Soo with violating the Solicitation and Graft Act."

East Asia Research Center's Tara O noted that Park Young-Soo was appointed as a special prosecutor in Park Geun-Hye's case "by the then-opposition parties (so Democratic Party of Korea, the current ruling party, and others), but excluding the then-ruling party (now the main opposition party), and given a massive number of prosecutors for his team, to investigate Choi Seo-Won and others supposedly related to the impeachment charges of Park Geun-Hye."

Tara O noted that "there was never an investigation or special prosecutor to investigate the impeachment charges of Park Geun-Hye directly. But they used the special prosecutor to investigate Choi, in order to use it to say Park Geun-Hye is guilty of letting Choi run the state affairs while Park Geun-Hye was a puppet — the so-called gukjeong nongdan case, which is what most Koreans think the impeachment was about."

Park Young-Soo resigned as special prosecutor on July 7.

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"Now, the Special Prosecutor Park Young-Soo and his team are mired in a bribery controversy," Tara O noted. "What has often been uncovered lately is that those who accuse their political opponents of bribery and corruption, whether real or not, are often themselves highly corrupt and take bribes."

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