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Sale to Taiwan of precision-guided M109A6 155mm artillery angers China

For its first arms sale to Taiwan the Biden Administration approved the sale of 40 M109A6 mobile artillery systems with precision attack capability.
FPI / August 12, 2021

Richard Fisher

While the process to make this purchase goes back to 2019, on Aug. 5 the Biden Administration announced the approval for sale to Taiwan of the BAE Systems M109A6 modernized mobile 155mm artillery system.

Taiwan purchased the earlier M109A2-A5 following the 1996 Taiwan Straits crisis with China.

Now Taiwan is purchasing 40 of the newest M109A6 which is equipped with a 30km range M284 155mm cannon and modern ballistic fire control systems.

But perhaps just as important, Taiwan was approved to purchase 1,700 kits to upgrade 155mm artillery shells with a precision-guidance capability. This will involve using U.S. Global Positioning Satellite signals to give the artillery shells far greater precision.

Purchasing this newest M109 version will also ease the incorporation of future longer range artillery shell weapons.

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