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Seoul threatens regime termination if North attempts nuclear strike

Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Chairman Adm. Kim Myung-Soo (front, center) visits the 707th special mission group, an elite counter-terrorism unit under the Special Warfare Command, on April 23, 2024, in this photo provided by the JCS.
FPI / April 24, 2024


If it attempts to use nuclear weapons, North Korea will see the end of its regime, South Korea’s Defense Ministry warned on April 23 after the North said it had conducted rocket drills simulating a nuclear counterattack.

"If North Korea attempts to use nuclear weapons, it will face an immediate, overwhelming and decisive response from the South Korea-U.S. alliance, and the North Korean regime will face its end," ministry spokesperson Jeon Ha-Kyu said in a regular press briefing.

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North Korea's continued provocations would only strengthen South Korea's military capabilities and U.S. extended deterrence, and their trilateral security cooperation involving Japan, Jeon said.

Extended deterrence refers to America's commitment to using the full range of its military capabilities, including nuclear, to defend South Korea.

On April 23, South Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Chairman Adm. Kim Myung-Soo visited the 707th special mission group, an elite counter-terrorism unit under the Special Warfare Command, to review its military readiness.

The JCS chief highlighted the special force's role in eliminating the enemy's leadership in covert operations during a conflict and called for heightened vigilance against North Korean threats.

North Korea's state media said leader Kim Jong-Un on April 19 guided a tactical drill simulating a nuclear counterattack involving super-large multiple rocket launchers against enemy targets.

JCS spokesperson Lee Sung-Jun evaluated North Korea's claim of a nuclear attack capability as "exaggerated" and added the South Korean military is ready to detect and shoot down the North’s ballistic missiles.

"North Korea is known to have not yet concluded its experiments with small tactical nuclear weapons," Lee said.

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