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Smithsonian asks: When will we see 'a single global government?'

by WorldTribune Staff, November 25, 2021

In its new FUTURES exhibit, the Smithsonian Institution asks visitors when they think we will see a "single global government."

Visitors can choose answers which include time frames ranging from 10 years to 100 years or never.

Another question at the exhibit asks visitors: "Which of these might unite different people most effectively?"

The answers that users can select include "shared world government, virtual reality travel, a universal language, an alien invasion or none of the above."

The grand opening for the FUTURES exhibit, located in the Washington, D.C. museum's Arts and Industries Building, was Nov. 20.

Before the exhibit opened, the Arts and Industries Building had been closed to the public for 20 years.

Sponsors for the exhibit include Ford, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Comcast NBC Universal and the NFL.

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futures by N/A is licensed under Public Domain Smithsonian

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