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Son of Hamas co-founder unmasks group's true intentions on Dr. Phil show

Mosab Hassan Yousef
by WorldTribune Staff, April 5, 2024

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, said in an interview on the Dr. Phil Primetime show that, after Oct. 7, there is no difference between Hamas and the Palestinian people.

“There's lots of hatred in that culture against the Jewish people. It's not a secret, in fact, the Muslim belief system has a fundamental problem with the Jewish people,” Yousef said.

Later in the broadcast, Dr. Phil invites two University of Michigan pro-Hamas students to join the discussion and they are left with their mouths gaping open in shock as Yousef refers to pro-Hamas protesters on American college campuses as “idiots” because “they don’t know what they are supporting.” He said that he does not even fully understand the “black hole” of Hamas, even though he was born into it.

Yousef goes on to say the activists are supporting a “monster” that is “pushing the entire Middle East towards a global war.” He claimed that none of the pro-Palestinian activists have condemned the atrocities of Hamas on Oct. 7, says that Hamas is the enemy of civilization, and calls pro-Palestinian activism “insanity.”

Yousef concludes the interview by pointing at the pro-Palestinian activists and saying: “You only speak on the authority of Hamas propaganda, because if you were a decent human being, you can say that the thousands that were killed on October 7 that it was a crime against humanity, it was a genocide!”

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