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‘Sound of Freedom’ tops box office in 18 Latin American nations; Banned on U.S. military bases

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News September 11, 2023

In its opening weekend, "Sound of Freedom" took the top spot at the box office in Latin America.

Angel Studios, the distributor of "Sound of Freedom", told the Washington Examiner that the independent film which legacy media continually dismisses attracted nearly two million viewers across 18 Latin American countries.

“We’re seeing packed theaters, standing ovations, widespread enthusiasm, and strong word-of-mouth from Buenos Aires to Mexico City to Bogota to Caracas, Lima, and beyond,” Jared Geesey, Angel Studios chief distribution officer, said.

“We set a goal of reaching 2 million in advance ticket sales — which took a full week in the U.S. — and reached that goal in just four days in Latin America.”

The countries in which "Sound of Freedom" topped the box office this weekend:

El Salvador
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic

The film also took the No. 1 box office spot in New Zealand. It came in at No. 2 in Australia and South Africa and No. 4 in the United Kingdom.

"Sound of Freedom" details the true story of how former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard quit his Homeland Security job and risked his life to journey into the jungles of Colombia in an effort to save children from sex slavery.

Since hitting theaters on July 4, "Sound of Freedom" has grossed $190 million against a $14.5 million budget despite the efforts of leftist pundits in the U.S. and elsewhere to keep audiences away by falsely tying it to QAnon and writing it off as "too Christian."

Meanwhile, the woke leaders at the Pentagon have essentially banned "Sound of Freedom" from theaters on U.S. military bases. Currently those theaters are screening the "Barbie" movie, "Nun II", "Oppenheimer", "The Flash", and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3".

U.S. Southern Command headquarters in Doral, Florida reportedly canceled free screenings of "Sound of Freedom", originally planned for Aug. 28 and Oct. 19, after the leftist Military Times inquired about the event.


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