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Tearing down Christendom: Will a subsidized Tower of Babel replace America?

The Downtown Islamic Center purchased the 164-year-old St. Ann’s Catholic Church and Shrine for $250,000, according to The Buffalo News, in order to transform the over 50,000 square-foot sanctuary into a masjid (mosque).

Special to, January 18, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

There are significant touchstones that come with the transformation of a society. The Great Replacement of the American people is being revealed as proven fact more and more each day. With this comes powerful changes that resonate far beyond mere symbolism. A traditional Western culture is being toppled, and a new Tower of Babel is being erected to take its place.

WorldTribune has documented how ruling establishment elites are using massive Third World immigration to restock former blue-collar working class American cities that have been gutted by the decline in U.S. manufacturing. For a textbook example, see how nation-destroying globalist billionaire George Soros is pouring money into refugee resettlement efforts in Erie, Pa., with the avid cooperation of a local Democrat mayor and powerful corporate backers.

“Our founding and focus since inception has been around the inflection point of demographic change and immigration, and the gaps that exist to understand and respond to xenophobia,” Welcoming America, the Soros-funded NGO that is helping to flood American cities with refugees, says of its organizational mission.

The final goal: constructing a "multiracial democracy" hodgepodge with no shared community values capable of standing up in unison against elitist rule. "Throughout the last five years, people from 75 different countries have become Americans in Erie," reported in 2019.

The new America can be seen in Michigan, where a steady Muslim floodtide has now reached the point that a town outside of Detroit has legalized animal sacrifice in private residences. The Detroit Free Press reported Jan. 11:

After several months of contentious debate and pressure from Muslim residents, Hamtramck City Council voted Tuesday night [Jan. 10] to allow the religious sacrifice of animals on residential property.

Muslims often slaughter animals during the holiday of Eid al-Adha and Hamtramck has one of the highest percentage of Muslim residents among cities in the U.S.

"If somebody wants to do it, they have a right to do their practice," Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Mohammed Hassan said at the meeting, which was livestreamed.

Third World demographic change made it possible:

The passing of the amendment is an example of the growing political and cultural clout of the city's Muslim population, most with roots in Yemen or Bangladesh.

Animal sacrifice in your neighborhood is just one manifestation of a deliberate attempt to overrun major U.S. metropolitan areas with Third World immigrants in order to artificially keep urban populations high. Just why densely populated, unproductive cities are good for America is never really a subject of much thought. We’re all supposed to simply accept this as a given. Nothing can be more jarring to many Americans than to see the Christian cross torn down so that a Muslim mosque may take its place. Yet this is a regular occurrence in U.S. cities these days.

LifeSiteNews on Jan. 10 ran a feature article on a historic Roman Catholic church in Buffalo that is being repurposed to fit the swelling Muslim population in upstate New York:

The Downtown Islamic Center (DIC) purchased the 164-year-old St. Ann’s Catholic Church and Shrine for $250,000, according to The Buffalo News, in order to transform the over 50,000 square-foot sanctuary into a masjid (mosque), as the group’s virtual “tour” of the purchased property shows.

The article details the triumphalist spirit that is so integral to Islam:

In July, the Downtown Islamic Center hailed their expected possession of St. Ann’s as a “dream come true for all the Muslims in Buffalo and all over the United States.”

“This massive property, including the current downtown Islamic Center, will be one of North America’s most prominent Islamic centers,” DIC predicted.

The Buffalo News report from last November captures what is being lost:

Built by German immigrants, St. Ann was one of the oldest Catholic churches in Western New York. It featured an architecturally stunning interior of intricately painted plaster and woodwork, exquisite stained-glass windows, and other detailing of the period. The sanctuary sat up to 1,200 people....

“This was one of the most beautiful places in Buffalo,” said Lucy Ederer, a former parishioner and member of a group known as Save St. Ann’s Church & Shrine. “We fought the good fight until the very end and there wasn’t any place else to go. We went to the Supreme Court of the Vatican.”

But Bangladeshis have no use for it:

The deal was another indication of the steady growth of the Muslim population in Western New York, mostly due to an influx of immigrants, especially from Bangladesh, a predominantly Muslim country, and of refugees from war-torn areas of the world.

The effects can be spiritually deflating, and no doubt are meant to be so. The people orchestrating this at the highest levels want you to know that an old way of life is being overthrown. News item, Syracuse, New York, 2015:

Two gray church spires grow out of a bumpy plain of city rooftops along Park Street. The skyline is the same as it has been for the better part of a century until you look closer at Holy Trinity Church: There are slim copper crescents where, for 100 years, there had been crosses.

The six crosses were removed and replaced at the end of June. Four of them were massive: 600 pounds of concrete each, and more than 4 feet tall. The step was the last, and most visible, in the building's change from church to mosque.

Painters, paid and volunteer, were up on ladders for weeks, painting over some 10,000 crosses, [Yusuf] Soule said.

The crosses were turned into other designs, or, in some cases, covered over by gray paint so they blended into the walls.

News item, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2014. Whatever you do, don’t call it demographic replacement:

One of St. Paul’s oldest Catholic churches is now home to an Islamic community center....

“There are a lot of East Africans in the area, and we want to give them a place to worship, a place to be educated, a community space,” said Feisal M. Elmi, a spokesman for the Islamic center.

As of 2011, about 21 percent of Minnesota’s foreign-born population was from Africa, compared with 4 percent nationally, according to the Migration Policy Institute. That’s about 78,000 foreign-born Africans in Minnesota, and Elmi said that number is prominent on the East Side where the center is located....

The building has undergone a few changes, Byron said. Christian symbols and furnishings are being removed, many given to other Catholic parishes across Minnesota. A large stone cross that stood atop the entryway was removed.

News item, Kentucky, 2014:

The growing trend of former church buildings being turned into mosques and Islamic centers has reached Kentucky’s largest city where even some once-thriving Southern Baptist facilities are now occupied by Muslims.

“On a trip to England a few years ago, I recall seeing dozens of churches that had become mosques and wondering how it could happen there; now it’s happening here,” said Paul Chitwood, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Todd Robertson, pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Louisville, said the religious makeup of the Bible Belt is rapidly changing with declining membership in many Christian congregations and growing participation in Islam and other religions.

“We have at least three former Baptist churches in Louisville that are no longer Baptist churches — two are mosques and one is a Sikh temple, and that’s a reality that’s troubling for many of us,” he said.

Refugee Resettlement Watch’s Ann Corcoran has expertly pointed out how our Great Reset elitists utilize a fraudulent “refugees save American cities” narrative to promote their divide-and-rule demographic design. In 2019, she noted how events in Utica, New York highlighted “the Open Borders propaganda machine [storyline] about how migrants of all stripes are just the ticket for saving America’s economy while bringing the joys of diversity to you, the deplorables.”

The pro-refugee inundation CityLab article she cites puts religious conquest of Christian churches front and center:

And at the center of town is a long-vacant historic Methodist church that has been renovated and converted into a beautiful mosquea symbol of the new Utica....

“It’s really symbolic — it was previously a church that was going to be torn down.... The Bosnian community bought it from the city, and now [the mosque is] a part of the skyline.”

Can they make it any more clear? A 2010 New York Times article on Utica is even more ebullient about the eclipse of Christianity and the rise of Third World religions in America’s heartland. It’s title? “In This Town, Open Arms for a Mosque.” The entire tone of the piece is mocking as it gleefully celebrates the obliteration of classic traditional American imagery. Goodbye, Norman Rockwell, and good riddance:

In this faded industrial town on the Erie Canal, the old United Methodist church downtown is being turned into a mosque, the old roof topped with minarets, the crescent moon and star of Islam on new white stucco replacing the familiar red-brick facade. Like the immigrants and refugees making up an ever-increasing share of the local population and the 42 languages spoken in the local schools, it is one more sign of how much the familiar world here is fading into the past....

[T]he mosque has been welcomed by, among others, former church members grateful that the old building will be saved....

Like most of upstate New York, Utica has seen better days. The population, more than 100,000 for much of the past century, is now around 60,000. Most of the old textile and manufacturing jobs are gone. That said, a flood of immigrants and resettled refugees, Bosnians, Burmese, Somalis, Vietnamese, Iraqis and many others, who now make up about a quarter of the population, have almost stopped the population decline. The Bosnians, in particular, have refurbished much of the housing, and Utica feels like a place with a pulse and maybe even a future.

Our ruling elites have shown so much of their hand since being shaken to their core in November 2016. As a result, they are not really denying what they are trying to do to this country anymore. And they want the American people to see their once-cherished icons torn down before their eyes to drive home the point that they can’t do anything about it.

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