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'Terf' trouble in the UK: Lesbian speed-dating event shut down by offended trannys

by WorldTribune Staff, August 17, 2023

Not satire.

It's come to this: A speed-dating event for lesbians in London was canceled after organizers were accused of transphobia because they had limited the event to only “adult human females,” a report said.

The weekly event in the Bloomsbury district of London became a target of the transgender movement after activists discovered that it prohibited biological males from attending, the Daily Mail reported.

Jenny Watson, the founder of the speed-dating event, told the Daily Mail that she was forced to ban transgender people from attending last year after a biological male came to the pub where the event was held wearing a purple latex costume while having “an erection.”

“Another time, a trans woman came into the female toilet and pushed their body at a woman who was upset and told me after. It got me thinking that this isn’t fair on women,” Watson said. “Transgender individuals deserve respect. But there is a need for protection of sex-segregated spaces for lesbian women.”

In an interview on Free Speech Nation with Andrew Doyle on GB News, Watson said that the Stonegate Group, which owns the College Arms pub where the weekly speed-dating sessions had been held for over four years, has shut down the event.

During the interview, Doyle shared WhatsApp messages to woke activists allegedly from a manager at the Stonegate Group indicating his political bias, reportedly referring to Watson as a “Terfy asshole.” The term Terf (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) has become a common slur used against female opponents of the transgender movement and its encroachment on women’s only spaces and the negative impacts on children.

After biological males began showing up to the lesbian event, Watson wrote on her website: “If you are male, please refrain from coming to the events, you are not a lesbian.” She posted on social media that only “adult human females” should attend the speed-dating event.

Watson's declaration that people with penises cannot, in fact, be lesbians enraged local LGBTQ+ activists, who reported the event to the local government council for being transphobic, the report said.

Finding a replacement venue for the speed-dating event has been difficult, Watson said, because transgender activists are discouraging others from allowing the event to take place, accusing her organization of being a “hate group.”

Responding to the cancellation, author Helen Joyce — who is often branded as a Terf herself by leftists — wrote on social media: “This story is immensely distressing. Lesbians being investigated for bigotry simply because they have the temerity to hold a speed-dating event from which men are excluded. I don’t know how anyone can defend this.”

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