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Texas Rangers win first World Series; Only MLB team not to host ‘pride night’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 3, 2023

Up until Wednesday night, the Texas Rangers were one of just six Major League Baseball franchises to have never won a World Series.

They were also the longest-suffering, having been established as the Washington Senators expansion team in 1961 (moved to Texas in 1972). The others are the Milwaukee Brewers (1969, one season as Seattle Pilots before moving to Milwaukee), San Diego Padres (1969), Seattle Mariners (1977), Colorado Rockies (1993), and Tampa Bay Rays (1998).

The Rangers do hold one distinction in MLB: They are the only of the 30 teams this season to not have hosted a LGBT (and the rest) "pride night."

In a June 16 report (in the leftist gospel June is Pride Month) the Los Angeles Times pointed out: "The Angels had their Pride Night last week. The Dodgers are holding theirs Friday night. Every Major League Baseball team dedicates a game to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, mostly during Pride Month in June, except for one: the Texas Rangers. They’ve never had a Pride Night or a similar event tied to one of their home games."

Although they did hit a late-season slump, the LA Times scolding did not derail the Texas team.

But it was left to the Babylon Bee to put the whole thing in perspective:

"God Rewards Only Team That Doesn't Have A Pride Night With World Series Win", the Bee's Nov. 1 headline blared.

The Bee wrote: "After over fifty years of championship futility, the Texas Rangers finally captured the World Series title in the same year the team became the final Major League holdout on hosting Pride Night. Despite mounting pressure as the remaining 29 MLB teams honored satanic drag queens, the Texas Rangers held firm. Now, after being counted out as a playoff afterthought, the Rangers are hoisting the championship trophy."

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