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Today's 'woke' America a mirror image of North Korea, defector says

Yeonmi Park
by WorldTribune Staff, February 17, 2023

A North Korean defector says her experience with American "wokeness" is not unlike what she endured in the communist hellhole of North Korea.

Yeonmi Park, 29, defected from North Korea as a young teen, only to be human-trafficked in China. In 2014, she became one of just 200 North Koreans to live in the United States — and, as of last year, is an American citizen.

Park, author of the new book "While Time Remains", in recent interviews described her time at Columbia University where she said professors and students railed against capitalism and called for a communist revolution.

“They were in Manhattan, living in the freest country you can imagine, and they’re saying they’re oppressed? It doesn’t even compute,” Park told the New York Post. “I was sold for $200 as a sex slave in the 21st century under the same sky. And they say they’re oppressed because people can’t follow their pronouns they invent every day?”

Park recalled how she escaped the tyranny and oppression of North Korea's brutal regime only to meet college students who were intent on claiming victim status and earning oppression points.

She dubbed Columbia University a “pure indoctrination camp” and said many of her classmates at New York City’s most elite school were “brainwashed like North Korean students are. I never understood that not having a problem can be a problem. They need to make injustice out of thin air or a problem out of nowhere, because they haven’t experienced anything like what other people are facing in the world.”

Park told the post that she sees Americans indulging in race essentialism and identity politics and it feels eerily familiar: “They say white people are privileged and guilty and oppressors. This is the tactic the North Korean regime used to divide people. In America it’s the same idea of collective guilt. This is the ideology that drove North Korea to be what it is today — and we’re putting it into young American minds.”

In an interview on "Fox & Friends", Park noted: “The things that I was learning at Columbia University really shocked me because it was the exact same thing that my North Korean teachers were brainwashing me in the classroom. At Columbia University they were literally saying that all the problems that we have is because of capitalism, because of white men, and the solution for all these problems is a communist revolution in the name of equity.”

She continued: “They were saying that we need to destroy this country, and we need to rebuild the country in the name of equality of outcomes, and that same ideology drove my home country into what it is, the state North Korea.”

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