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Transgender male golfer wins women's event, wants to play on LPGA tour

by WorldTribune Staff, May 18, 2021

Hailey Davidson has clinched the first win by a transgender male golfer in a USGA women's event. Davidson now is gunning for the LPGA inclusion
Davidson won in a Florida mini-tour event hosted by the National Women’s Golf Association at Orlando’s Providence Golf Club on May 13. That same day, Davidson was told that the United States Golf Association accepted him as eligible for competition under its new Gender Policy for USGA Championships.
“Golf has always been my life and while my journey to the tour will be different then most, I am very excited to get my career started,” Davidson says in a personal fundraising statement. “I briefly played professionally prior to transitioning but have not been able to compete since 2015 as a result of my transition due to LPGA bylaws.”
He is glad for being accepted by the USGA.
Their policy states, “In any USGA championship in which it is required that a player is a specific gender (male or female), the player must identify himself or herself during the entry application process as a person of that particular gender.”
Particularly, “In the event that a player has had gender reassignment surgery at any point after puberty, that player must provide certain documentation to the USGA in accordance with the procedures set forth …Gender reassignment prior to puberty is not subject to these requirements.”
Any documentation to verify gender identity is private information, USGA insists.


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