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Trump reminds: Media was silent for 3 decades on ‘Danang Dick’ lies

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 9, 2022

On many occasions during his more than 30 years as a politician, Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal had been recorded telling audiences that he remembered “when we came back” from Vietnam how badly “we” were treated.

He told audiences how “we couldn’t wear our uniforms” because of the abuse returning solders faced.

For years, Blumenthal made people think he was a returning veteran from Vietnam and used it as a basis to gain votes.

Former President Donald Trump noted that the "Old Media" were silent for three decades while "Danang Dick" rode his stolen valor to election victory after election victory.

In an Aug. 7 post on Truth Social in which he endorsed GOP candidate Leora Levy in her race against Blumenthal this November, Trump noted:

"The Fake News made it almost impossible to find this. They scrubbed it. And look who found it, Donald Trump.

"The Sanctimonious 'Da Nang' Dick. They thought there would be no copies left, and there was one. This is nothing compared to others. If this was a Republican, he would have been gone years ago, and his tapes would have been broadcast all over the world."

Trump's post included a video clip of Blumenthal saying: "We have learned something very important since the day that I served in Vietnam (emphasis added)."

As Breitbart's Warner Todd Huston pointed out in May of 2010, the truth is that Blumenthal served only during the last few years of the war in Vietnam, having gotten multiple deferments before 1970, and then served only here in the United States, never overseas.

The New York Times finally reported this fact in May of 2010 as Blumenthal was running for Senate and 30 years into his political career.

As Huston noted: "When at last confronted with his lies Blumenthal tried to claim that he never said he actually fought in Vietnam but that he was just a vet of that era. In Clintonian double speak he told reporters: 'My intention has always been to be completely clear and accurate and straightforward, out of respect to the veterans who served in Vietnam.' But clearly Blumenthal has not only said directly that he was in the war and not merely of the era, he’s also allowed the perception that he fought in the war to go uncorrected for three decades."

Huston continued: "But the disgusting nature of this situation is compounded by three decades of Old Media incompetence or perhaps we should call it assistance. The media has let down all its news reading customers for three decades on this issue. Makes you wonder what else about this man has gone unreported — or any other Democrat for that matter."

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