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Trump’s Agenda 47 declares war on campus Left, introduces ‘The American Academy’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 6, 2023

Talk is cheap. Rather than joining the chorus of outrage against indoctrination by higher education, joined recently by philanthropists unaware that an anti-God agenda on campus could lead to anti-semitism, former President Donald Trump has rolled out an action item.

Trump last week unveiled  his plan for “free college” ... with a few twists. Trump said his administration would offer free college degrees through an online academy that will be funded by taxes levied on the endowments of large private universities, such as Harvard.

In a campaign video on Wednesday, Trump as part of his Agenda 47 proposed creating the “American Academy,” which would offer “a truly world-class education to every American,” without “adding a single dime to the national debt.”

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