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Trump’s post-election immigration plan rocks the NY Times, revs base

Donald Trump's 2024 immigration platform blew some gaskets at The New York Times.
by WorldTribune Staff, November 13, 2023

Donald Trump has vowed that upon returning to the White House, he will authorize the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants and will only allow in those with legitimate asylum claims.

In a second Trump term, illegal immigrants will not be allowed to receive food stamps, free healthcare, or welfare checks. Eligibility for illegal immigrants to obtain public housing and work permits will be revoked.

Trump will also reinstate the travel ban on countries known to support and harbor terrorists.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec noted: "What’s amazing is no one can articulate — and I mean no one — how jihadist migration has improved any country in the West and yet it is the official policy of every western nation save a few."

While Trump's populist and increasingly popular plans to close Joe Biden's open border and kick out those allowed into the U.S. illegally revved up the America First base, The New York Times went ballistic.

Writing for the leftist outlet, Charlie Savage opined:

"Trump’s immigration plan is to pick up where he left off and then go much further. He would not only revive some of the policies that were criticized as draconian during his presidency, many of which the Biden White House ended, but also expand and toughen them.

"The constellation of Trump’s 2025 plans amounts to an assault on immigration on a scale unseen in modern American history. Millions of immigrants living in the country without legal permission would be banned from the U.S. or uprooted from it years or even decades after settling here."

The Times has never tried to hide, and in fact has boasted about, its anti-Trump bias. Media columnist Jim Rutenberg wrote in 2016 that the open vilification of Trump’s statements were justified by his "rude" behavior and that vilification was approved no just for opinion writers but for so-called "news reporters" as well.

The Times still won't give back the Pulitzer Prize it received for its false reporting on Trump-Russia collusion.

While Trump continues to blow gaskets in leftist newsrooms, here are his proposals on immigration:

Finish the Wall

Trump said he intends to finish construction on the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, re-implement the policy of making illegal immigrants who apply for asylum to wait in Mexico until their court date instead of being released into the U.S., stop the catch-and-release policies and instead deport those who are apprehended at the U.S. border crossing illegally.

End Catch-and-Release

The Presidential Memorandum to End "catch and release" at the Border did just that. The order required the establishment of "facilities to detain aliens for violations of immigration law at or near the borders of the United States" and to assign asylum officers to those detention facilities to expedite claims. Those in violation of immigration law would be detained and it ensured that the asylum program was not manipulated to allow for the entry of those who should be deported. Under Biden, most of those who have applied for asylum will not be found eligible, per DHS, but they have been admitted anyway.

No Amnesty

Trump promised that there would be absolutely no amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants who have poured in through Biden's open border. Amnesty, he said, would reward the cartels who are guilty of transporting and profiting from those seeking to enter the U.S. illegally.

Designate Drug Cartels as Foreign Terrorists

Trump said he intends to fight and destroy the ability of drug cartels to operate with impunity across the border. Major drug cartels will be designated as foreign terrorist organizations.

Death Penalty for Child Traffickers

Trump said he would urge Congress to implement the death penalty as punishment for those convicted of trafficking children across the border. He vowed to sign an Executive Order that would target human traffickers and "transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit innocent people."

The End of Birth Tourism

The practice of visiting the United States while pregnant for the purpose of making what would be a foreign child a citizen would be ended, Trump said. Children born to those who are in the U.S. illegally would be prohibited from becoming citizens. The ban would prevent these children from gaining U.S. passports, social security numbers, or access federal benefits. One parent would have to be a lawful citizen for the child to become a citizen.

Visa Sanctions for China to Combat Espionage

Trump said he will work to get those engaging in espionage on behalf of the Chinese government out of the U.S. Part of that will be the imposition of "visa sanctions and travel restrictions that are necessary to shut off Chinese access to American secrets in compliance with our demands and in compliance with our laws."

Block Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities

The Executive Order to Block Federal Grants to Sanctuary Cities was blocked by a judge during Trump's term in office, but the plan was to withhold federal funding from cities that refused to cooperate with federal efforts to deport illegal immigrants. Many of these cities, such as New York, have now felt the full weight of their failure to deal with illegal immigration adequately. Mayor Eric Adams said illegal immigration would "destroy" New York as some 10,000 illegal immigrants flood into the "sanctuary city" each month.

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