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Twitter bans election audit accounts in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia

by WorldTribune Staff, July 29, 2021

Twitter on Tuesday suspended several accounts which link to 2020 election audits.

Twitter shut down such accounts that were following audits and potential audits in Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

When trying to access the Maricopa County Audit, the Audit War Room, and various “war room” audit accounts, Twitter wrote: “Account suspended.” The War Room account had more than 40,000 followers and the Maricopa County Audit account had nearly 100,000 followers.

The Maricopa County Audit account was providing updates of the Arizona Senate-authorized audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 ballots and election equipment.

In a statement it released to leftist outlet BuzzFeed, Twitter said the accounts were suspended for violating rules on platform manipulation and spam.

The Audit War Room remains on Instagram and has posted about the suspensions there, urgng followers to move to the encrypted messaging app Telegram or the social media site GETTR.

Voices & Votes and Fund The Audit, two accounts related to audit fundraising efforts, were also suspended by Twitter.

Voices & Votes, a 501(c)(4), was created by One America News Network’s Christina Bobb. It has raised at least $150,000 for the Arizona audit.

Fund The Audit was created by The America Project, a Florida-based 501(c)(4) non-profit started by former CEO Patrick Byrne.

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