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U.S. Space Force orders upgrade of its first offensive weapon system

Counter Communications System Block 10.2, a transportable ground-based electronic warfare system designed to jam enemy satellite communications is the U.S. Space Force's first offensive weapon.
FPI / December 26, 2021


The U.S. Defense Department said it plans to upgrade Space Force weapons systems which will be used to disrupt foreign satellite links during military operations.

The Pentagon recently disclosed ordering the upgrades for 16 Counter Communications Systems (CCS), the first offensive space weapon in the U.S. Space Force which was created under the Trump administration.

For the upgrades, the Pentagon contracted L3Harris Technologies at a price of $125 million, security correspondent Bill Gertz reported for the Washington Times.

L3Harris will upgrade the Space Force’s first publicly announced offensive space weapon that can shut down adversary satellite communications in protecting U.S. military operations.

“Successful space operations depend on dominating the electromagnetic spectrum,” said Ed Zoiss, president of Space and Airborne Systems for L3Harris. “Denying our enemies the ability to use their space assets protects U.S. war fighter operations.”

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