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Unleashing the beast: Population control as the dark nucleus of climate change hysteria

In a '60 Minutes' interview, Paul Ehrlich asserted that Earth is undergoing a Sixth Mass Extinction due to humanity's rising population and consumption. Paleontologists have identified five previous mass extinction events during the past 450 million years in which events like supervolcano eruptions and asteroid strikes led to the extinction of three-fifths of species.

Special to, December 11, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer @Schaeff55

It's a barely concealed truth that constantly needs re-emphasizing: they have come out and said it. The climate change scam is first and foremost about population control.

Let's go back a decade. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2012:

A group of international scientists is sounding a global alarm, warning that population growth, climate change and environmental destruction are pushing Earth toward calamitous – and irreversible – biological changes.

In a paper published in [the June 7] edition of the journal Nature, 22 researchers from a variety of fields liken the human impact to global events eons ago that caused mass extinctions, permanently altering Earth’s biosphere.

“Humans are now forcing another such transition, with the potential to transform Earth rapidly and irreversibly into a state unknown in human experience,” wrote the authors, who are from the U.S., Europe, Canada and South America.

The hysteria that reigns supreme today is instantly recognizable. Yet beneath it lurks the sinister underbelly of the climate change agenda. Zero population growth, with all its discomforting Chinese communist reverberations, was to get far more palatable packaging inside the global warming umbrella:

To avert a grim future, or at least make it less grim, the paper calls for significant reductions in world population growth and per-capita resource use, more efficient energy use, less reliance on fossil fuels and stepped-up efforts to protect the parts of Earth that have so far escaped human dominance.

Anthony Barnosky, a professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley, was lead author of the study. Fast forward to the start of 2023 and he could be seen alongside infamous population control zealot Paul Ehrlich in a CBS News “60 Minutes” feature hyping the “Sixth Mass Extinction,” a leading buzz phrase of climate extremists. The aged Ehrlich was in his usual mode:

Paul Ehrlich: Too many people, too much consumption and growth mania.

At the age of 90, biologist Paul Ehrlich may have lived long enough to see some of his dire prophecies come true.

Scott Pelley: You seem to be saying that humanity is not sustainable?

Paul Ehrlich: Oh, humanity is not sustainable. To maintain our lifestyle (yours and mine, basically) for the entire planet, you'd need five more Earths. Not clear where they're gonna come from.

Leave it to the diseased organism that is American network television today to attempt to resuscitate the collapsed reputation of the most factually irresponsible Malthusian alarmist of the 1970s. Barnosky and his wife, biologist Liz Hadly of Stanford, wrote a book in 2016 titled “Tipping Point For Planet Earth.” It echoed Ehrlich’s dystopian visions. A review at stresses what the two university personages were most concerned about:

If there is one main takeaway from the book, however, it concerns population. We must drop fertility rates to replacement level, fast. “That’s the reality we’re stuck with,” the authors assert, if we want to create a viable future. And what each of us can do right now is learn more about this, and talk about it with each other, in our communities, and with our leaders.

Hadly’s Stanford bio is positively nutty, reading like it belongs more on an old episode of Leonard Nimoy’s paranormal program “In Search Of” than in the halls of academia:

Elizabeth Hadly is a global change scientist who has studied the impacts of environmental change for the past four decades... Uniquely, her research spans the decadal to millennial time scale, and integrates lab and field research, increasingly important in understanding the Anthropocene and tipping points for Planet Earth. She currently serves as faculty director of Stanford’s Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.

Leftist "diversity" IS the same as biodiversity, the top of the home page at the Hadly Lab proclaims:

We envision a world that puts diversity first, in all living systems, wild and human. Just like biodiversity in the ecosystems we study, diversity in any system confers strength, resilience, and beauty.

But behind the granola leftism lies a monster. Barnosky and Hadly teamed up with Ehrlich to author a 2016 report on “Grand challenges for science and society to solve by 2050.” Ask yourself if this sounds familiar at all today:

[G]uiding the planet for the future will likely require some fundamental changes – not just in human economic and governance systems – but also in societal values. Engagement with religious leaders, local communities and businesses, subnational groups and the military and security sectors of society, recently starting to burgeon, are critically important to further these necessary conversations and impel action.

The anti-people trio seven years ago laid out the monolith oppressing the citizens of Western nations today, right down to corporate wokeism, progressive papal activism and the information control mechanisms that are tied into the military industrial complex. The report again openly called for massive population reduction:

Bring world population growth to an end as early as possible and begin a gradual decline. An achievable target is no more than 8.5 billion people by 2050 and a peak population size of no more than 9 billion, which through natural demographic processes can decrease to less than 7 billion by 2100.

Feminism and “reproductive rights” are to be utilized to cull the human herd:

Viable approaches include ensuring that everyone has access to education, economic opportunities, and health care, including family planning services, with a special focus on women’s rights. Decrease per-capita resource use, particularly in developed countries.

Perfectly aligned with the World Economic Forum mantra that you will own nothing and be happy, Ehrlich, Barnosky and Hadly target the middle class and insist it must learn to do without:

More than seven billion people alive today will likely grow to 9.5 billion by 2050, and the pressures of heavy material consumption among the middle class and wealthy may well intensify.

Do you see how it’s all connected? Let’s go a bit further. Barnosky was a quoted expert in an over-the-top 2021 New York Times article warning that climate change meant "the end of summer":

The larger wake-up call is the dominance of humans, a fact so significant some scientists have argued it constitutes a new “Anthropocene” geological epoch.

“The Anthropocene has arrived,” Dr. Barnosky said. “Humans have become as great an influence on the planet as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.”

This once again is the language of the “Sixth Great Extinction.” It happens to be a World Economic Forum staple talking point. The 2017 WEF annual meeting in Davos included a panel discussion on the Sixth Extinction that naturally featured the CEO of fake meat company Impossible Foods. Here’s what Patrick Brown had to say: Eating meat and fish is causing mass extinctions of all animal life on the planet:

A 2013 Houston Chronicle article again directly linked the climate change agenda to population control, quoting Barnosky in the process:

Climate change is but one of many signs of environmental stress. "The big connector is how many people are on Earth," said Anthony Barnosky, a University of California, Berkeley integrative biologist....

"The combination of climate change and 9 billion people to me is one that is just fraught with potential catastrophes," said John Harte, a UC Berkeley ecosystem scientist.

Where is this all heading? An all-out war on human reproduction in the name of saving the planet. This was always a prime mover in the sexual revolution that has destroyed America’s social and cultural mores since the 1960s. “Liberation” was the tempting carrot that led many astray. The climate change bogeyman is now about to serve as the stick to punish those deemed to pose a threat to Mother Earth. An organization called Population Balance could not be more grotesque in stating its position. An environment that would encourage human beings to reproduce poses a global hazard.

The message to be utilized: "pronatalism" is anti-women:

When we see the issue of human overpopulation through this lens – as a result of multilayered pronatalist pressures that subjugate women and vulnerable people, and of an ethic of human supremacy that sees the abundance of life on the planet as mere “resources” to fuel our further expansion – we open doors to conversations that would otherwise have been shut down.

These conversations, about the necessity of equitably shrinking our population and our human enterprise, are undeniably complex. But we must not shy away from them. We hope you will join us in re-framing the population debate as one not just about protecting our planet and living within its boundaries, but about uplifting and empowering women and marginalized people, and allowing them to make reproductive choices dictated by their true desires and not by tired pronatalist conventions.

A glance at the staff and board at Population Balance shows these are not fringe players on the modern progressive scene. Executive Director Nandita Bajaj is on the faculty at Antioch University. Board of Advisors member Kevin Bales, a professor at the University of Nottingham in Britain, is celebrated for his work on combating “global slavery.” A Pulitzer Prize-nominated author, he co-wrote a film for HBO and the UK’s Channel 4 that won “a Peabody Award and two Emmys.” “Population ecologist” Dr. William Rees is also on the Board of Advisors. A Professor Emeritus at Canada’s University of British Columbia, Rees is “a founding member and former President of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics; a Fellow of the Post-Carbon Institute; a founding Director of the OneEarth Initiative; and a Director of The Real Green New Deal.”

Actress Alexandra Paul is another Board of Advisors member. The former Baywatch Babe has been a strident advocate of population control for decades:

The United Nations honored Alexandra in 1997 for her work on the human overpopulation issue. She was the ACLU of Southern California’s 2005 Activist of the Year for her history of environmentalism, voter registration and peace advocacy. Last Chance For Animals named her 2014 Vegan of the Year. Alexandra has been driving electric cars for over 30 years and was featured in the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” She has produced an award-winning educational film on overpopulation, and her TEDx talk on the benefits of small families has over 600,000 views.

These are the credentialed activists who deem motherhood to be akin to dumping chemical toxins in a pristine river.

Think back to the bullying that surrounded the coronavirus vaccine mandates. Dire threats of loss of employment, freedom of travel and other social necessities were deployed to coerce compliance. Now consider that the same people who enthusiastically support the “global health” machinery truly believe that human reproduction is harming the planet.

These people have already proved they will not hesitate to enact exceedingly cruel policies in the pursuit of their agenda. That agenda specifically includes reducing world population. Climate change is hurtling toward its brutalist stage. Families will be among the first to feel its fury.

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