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Unreported news in review: ‘Transgenderism is the most dangerous extremist movement’ in U.S.

by WorldTribune Staff, April 11, 2023

America's fastest-growing religion? That would be "transgenderism," Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in his Friday broadcast during which he explained that this is not good news for humankind:

"People who believe that they're God tend to react very badly when told that they're not," he said.

Carlson pointed to the reaction following the slaughter of six people, including three children, at a Nashville Christian school carried out by a transgender individual.

In video taken on April 2 at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota, the pastor says: "Leaders were looking for any excuse, valid or not, to crucify Jesus, and they found that reason... It's baffling to me that someone's existence can be so threatening that people decide they need to be controlled, that they need to have laws made against them or even worse, that the people that they find to be so threatening should die."

So Audrey Hale, the Nashville shooter's "very existence as a transgender person was so threatening to authorities that they killed her just as the Pharisees killed Jesus," Carlson said.

"Her death had nothing to do with the fact she just murdered six people. That was the pastor's sermon at St. Mark's in Fargo. So it's pretty clear that St. Mark's Lutheran Church is no longer a Christian church. So what is it now? Well, it's a transgenderist church, one of many."

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