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Unreported: The vaccinated Covid wave

by WorldTribune Staff, July 30, 2021

Joe Biden and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky insist that the latest outbreak of Covid is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

Radio host Wayne Allen Root noted in a July 29 op-ed: "This isn’t just a lie. It’s a whopper. It’s pure fraud."

Anyone willing to seek out real news and ignore the corporate media propaganda which parrots Team Biden talking points knows this, Root noted, citing several examples of vaccinated individuals contracting the virus.

• New York Yankees players who were vaccinated have Covid.
• An NFL Coach who was vaccinated has Covid.
• Olympic athletes who were vaccinated have Covid.
• Texas Democrat lawmakers who were vaccinated have Covid.
• The White House is hiding a large outbreak of Covid among their vaccinated staffers," Root wrote.
• In Cape Cod, Massachusetts there is a large Covid outbreak among the vaccinated.
• In California, the most dramatic rise in Covid cases is found in the most vaccinated counties.
• At Stanford University there is an outbreak of Covid among vaccinated students.

"It’s happening everywhere," Root noted. "Yet Biden, Dr. Fauci and the CDC claim this new wave is almost entirely among the unvaccinated. Therefore, the unvaccinated are to blame, they claim, for this new wave of Covid. We see this argument all over the media."

Root asked: "Why would our government tell such a lie? Why would they want to shame and blame unvaccinated Americans, when vaccinated Americans are experiencing the exact same wave of illness? What are they covering up for?"

Or, "more likely," Root added, "who are they covering up for?"


"China is to blame. China sent this bio-weapon our way. China is pure evil. This is China’s pandemic. China is on the hook for $10 trillion or more in damages. China is guilty of mass murder. China caused a world-wide economic Great Depression,' Root wrote.

"So, the question is, why are Biden, Dr. Fauci and the CDC trying to cover for China by scapegoating unvaccinated Americans? What do they get out of this? Are they on China’s payroll? China is the enemy. China did this to America. Never lose sight of who is to blame."

Root concluded:

"America is being destroyed from within. Bad and evil people are in charge. The Chinese Communist Party and the Mexican Drug Cartels (who run the border) are the biggest winners. The U.S. economy is going to collapse. The great American middle class is being eliminated. American Exceptionalism will soon be something we read about in history books.

"There is a new wave of Covid. I know one thing for sure. Unvaccinated Americans aren’t to blame."

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