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Violence in France headed here; Soros, Gates heavily funding Radical Marxist groups

George Soros-backed activist Scot Nakagawa

Special to, July 3, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

If the Summer of George Floyd was not enough to convince you that the horrific violence now occurring in France can happen in America, you don’t understand how normalized revolutionary leftist radicalism has become in recent years.

A particularly virulent activist organization is hosting a "22nd Century Initiative" conference in Minnesota this week to promote “multiracial pluralistic democracy” while combating the white, Christian-dominated “fascism” embodied by Donald Trump. The language promulgated by this group is undeniably revolutionary Marxist.

How socially unacceptable is communist agitation in America today? The lieutenant governor of Minnesota will be a featured speaker at the conference and major donors to the organization include George Soros (directly) and Bill Gates (via support of parent organization).

Soros’s Open Society Foundations on June 29 posted an interview on its website with a veteran radical activist named Scot Nakagawa. The Q&A was meant to promote the 22nd Century Initiative, which Nakagawa "helped found."

“The 22nd Century Initiative is a grantee of the Open Society Foundations,” a note at the end of the article reads.

Nakagawa asserts that a recent history going back decades has allowed “white nationalism” to crush “liberal democracy” to such an extent that it does not exist in the U.S. today.

“It took Donald Trump’s [2016 presidential] campaign to raise the alarm by bringing white nationalists and extreme Christian theocrats out of the shadows and into mainstream politics,” Nakagawa states. A liberal democracy is not supposed to allow that to happen, he laments:

The concept of liberal democracy has failed us. Democracy is majority rule. Liberalism is about protecting the rights of the minority. Those two strands have not worked together well. So we now have a minority movement of white nationalists reaching for majoritarian power through exclusion and a potential resistance that appears to be rejecting democracy after years of being subjected to the tyranny of majorities. There’s a whole lot of work to do to turn this around.

Nakagawa’s alignment with Marxist revolutionary belief is transparent. As WorldTribune documented in April, self-avowed Marxist Theodore W. Allen is credited with coining the loaded phrase “white privilege.” Allen saw whiteness as a social construct that needed to be overthrown so that the international workers' revolution could prevail. “Socialist revolution is not possible where the majority of the workers do not want it and workers who want white-skin privileges do not want socialism,” he wrote.

In a November 2022 article at the leftist American Prospect site, Nakagawa fully embraces this revolutionary belief. “The world over, 21st-century oligarchy is built on racism, patriarchy, and religious supremacism as constitutive parts of economic domination,” Nakagawa and co-author Dania Rajendra write. Echoing Allen to a T, the pair call on white people to become traitors to this racial power structure in order to bring about the new multiracial democracy that is to be led by “people of color and immigrants”:

[B]elonging – not just “material gain” in the narrow sense – is required to make a compelling case for race traitorship and that following the leadership of people of color and immigrants can effectively, over generations, build a durable identity basis to resist the siren song of the white Christian nationalist right.

A glance at the program for the 22nd Century Initiative’s July 6-9 conference in Minneapolis amplifies this poisonous agenda and its socially destructive cultural aims. Abortion rights are bizarrely tied to a need “to re-center democracy work around indigenous sovereignty” in order to provide “liberation.” “Come to deepen your understanding of justice in different communities, and how current activism for reparations and sovereignty are tied to the fight for bodily autonomy and reproductive justice,” a pre-conference session summation reads. “Bodily autonomy,” of course, includes transgenderism. Another session tellingly sees parents as a dire threat to this sacred individual right:

We are not alone in our work – as bodily autonomy is attacked in the form of bans on gender-affirming care, so, too, is bodily autonomy attacked in the form of abortion bans and broad parental rights legislation.

Another session is devoted to “Organizing White People Through Shared Interest to Block Fascism.” Once again, the language of international communism is unmistakable:

While the Right uses divide and conquer tactics to break white people away from understanding themselves as part of a multiracial working class, shared interest brings them back. From stopping a total ban on abortion in Kentucky to moving white voters to defeat Trump in Georgia, [session sponsor organization Showing Up for Racial Justice’s] shared interest approach is a demonstrated way of moving masses of white people into progressive movements for change.

We could go on, but you get the idea. Not long ago, it would have seemed inconceivable that a sitting lieutenant governor of a state would be part of such a Marxist gathering. Yet Minnesota Democrat Peggy Flanagan is prominently listed as a feature speaker at the conference’s opening plenary session, titled “Our Vision for a Multiracial Pluralistic Democracy – and the Movement to Win It!” Flanagan is one of the most radical officials sitting in high office in America today.

The “Native American” activist garnered national headlines in March by celebrating an executive order signed by Democrat Gov. Tim Walz that would force state agencies to support “gender-affirming care” for transgenders with an assault on Gopher State parents.

“When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That's what it means to be a good parent,” Flanagan exclaimed. Minnesota has become one of the most far-left governed states in the nation.

In April, the Democratic-Farmer Labor Party-controlled state legislature passed a bill to make Minnesota a “trans refuge” for children who fall prey to this demonic agenda.

In March, the legislature passed a bill allowing illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses. Sadly, Minneapolis makes a perfect host city for a revolutionary Marxist conference graced with the presence of the No. 2 elected official in the state. Other links to 22nd Century Initiative are equally troubling for the sense of normalcy afforded to this extremist endeavor. Greenpeace USA hosts a “breakout session” against “corporate polluters.”

That loony pre-conference session on reproductive justice and “indigenous sovereignty” is “co-organized by the Building the Fire Fund at the Ms. Foundation for Women.” Donors to the Ms. Foundation listed in its 2022 annual report include the Soros-funded Tides Foundation in the $1,000,000+ category, powerful leftist Ford Foundation in the $500,000-$999,999 category, New York Life Insurance Company in the tony $100,000-$499,999 range, Gucci-Chime for Change and Morgan Stanley. Then there is 22nd Century Initiative itself. Time to connect some dots. The organization today states that is a "project of [the Soros-funded] Tides Center."

It has also been financially backed by yet another influential progressive-oriented organization, the Democracy Fund, which stated that 22nd Century is part of Justice Work, “a think tank and action lab dedicated to advancing racial, gender, economic, and climate justice.” Justice Work in turn is part of the National Center for Civic Innovation. And just what is that?

The National Center for Civic Innovation is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization created by the Board of Directors of the Fund for the City of New York (FCNY) in 2002. Its purpose is to facilitate the ability of other cities and communities throughout the United States to adapt FCNY’s approach, applications and expertise in improving quality of life and the performance of government and nonprofit organizations.

The Fund for the City of New York was founded by the Ford Foundation in 1968. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a core donor to the National Center for Civic Innovation. A search of the Gates Foundation grants page shows it has given the Center more than $13 million since October 2018, including a whopping $6,000,989 in October 2022 alone.

The streets of France have erupted in arson and violence as grievance-fueled racial minorities that have immigrated en masse to the European nation riot. Sympathetic establishment media forces craft their reporting around establishment claims that “systemic racism” is the cause of it all.

The mayhem has been referred to by some as France’s “George Floyd moment” while others have declared it the beginning of a racial civil war.

There are people in America right now espousing dangerous revolutionary rhetoric that makes a similar calamity here not just possible but inevitable. And a very influential network spearheaded by George Soros and Bill Gates is helping them make it happen.

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