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Virginia Democrat, re-elected with thumb-drive votes, likely to lose House seat after redistricting

Rep. Abigail Spanberger
by WorldTribune Staff, December 15, 2021

A Virginia Democrat who was re-elected in 2020 only after 15,000 votes were miraculously found on a thumb drive is now likely to lose her seat in Congress due to the state's redistricting efforts.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA operative, will likely lose her 7th District seat as Virginia’s redistricting committee re-draws districts that were heavily gerrymandered.

The new map puts Spanberger's home in Glen Allen within the boundaries of an expanded 1st District, which is represented by Republican Rep. Rob Wittman.

"The 7th District itself goes north, to safe Democrat territory, but far removed from Spanberger," National File's Frankie Stockes reported on Dec. 15.

"The new map, or something very similar, is expected to be approved and in effect for the 2022 midterm elections with a projected five districts leaning Democrat, five districts leaning Republican, and one district appearing to be a true toss-up."

Spanberger was narrowly elected in 2018 after years of demographic changes to the Richmond suburbs altered what had been a solidly Republican district.

In 2020, Spanberger won re-election after officials found 15,000 votes on a thumb drive in the Richmond suburb of Henrico County. Of the votes on the thumb drive, 70 percent went Democrat, giving Spanberger the edge over Republican challenger Nick Freitas.

With roughly 85 percent of votes reported as being tallied on Election Night, Freitas, as well as President Donald Trump, led their respective races in Virginia's 7th District by a wide margin. Those leads evaporated the next day following the discovery of the thumb drive, Stockes reported on Nov. 7, 2020.

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