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Warning to sovereign nations: Oppose the Soros sledgehammer and Team Biden will target you

Activists in Tbilisi protest Georgia's 'foreign agents' bill.

Special to, May 16, 2024

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer @Schaeff55

Georgia has passed a new law mandating that media and NGOs receiving more than 20% of their funding from outside sources register as "pursuing the interests of a foreign power."

Another nation, another rent-a-mob: Same George Soros playbook. And he knows he can always count on the Biden administration to faithfully provide cover for him.

Reuters reported May 11:

About 50,000 opponents of a “foreign agents” bill marched peacefully in heavy rain through the Georgian capital on Saturday, after the United States said the country had to choose between the “Kremlin-style” law and the people's Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“We are deeply alarmed about democratic backsliding in Georgia,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan wrote on X.

“Georgian Parliamentarians face a critical choice – whether to support the Georgian people’s EuroAtlantic aspirations or pass a Kremlin-style foreign agents' law that runs counter to democratic values,” he said. “We stand with the Georgian people.”

Just exactly why a tiny nation of some 3.7 million people tucked in the Caucasus Mountains should have “Euro-Atlantic aspirations” seems bizarre on the surface. In actuality, the term is just another meaningless buzzword for globalism. Plastic nationalist Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has uttered similar gobbledygook about that unfortunate country’s commitment to an “Atlantic Alliance” that makes it subservient to “international law.”

Yes, the notorious nation-destroying globalist billionaire can pay for street demonstrations in Tbilisi just as he does in cities around the world. And he can count on Biden officials to present his efforts to undermine the national sovereignty of an independent country as noble work in the defense of “democracy.” Despite the organized agitation, the legislation passed parliament on May 14.

Cue the dominant narrative outrage. The usual progressive ruling establishment spokes – media, NGOs, internationalist think tanks and more – all do their part in spinning a nation’s internal affairs as a malevolent assault on that cherished phantasm they call the international rule of law. Elitist globalist magazine Foreign Policy wrote May 10:

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in Georgia in the South Caucasus in recent weeks to protest a controversial proposed new law that many fear, if passed, would be the death knell of a once-promising young democracy and drive the country firmly into Moscow’s orbit.

The “foreign agents” law would require organizations that receive more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad to register as “agents of foreign influence.” It is modeled on similar legislation that Russia enacted in 2012 and has used to cast independent media and civic society groups as doing the bidding of foreign governments and to crack down on dissent.

Heavily Soros-funded NGO Human Rights Watch chimed in on May 9:

The Georgian parliament’s introduction of a bill obliging certain nongovernmental groups and media outlets to register as “organizations serving the interests of a foreign power” threatens fundamental rights in the country, Human Rights Watch said today.

Given everything formerly free citizens of any Western nation have seen from these bad-faith actors in recent years, a simple question comes to mind: what is so bad about a country seeking to quash undue foreign influence on its social, cultural and information institutions? HRW disconsolately notes:

Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze justified the need for the bill by pointing to initiatives that criticize the authorities or challenge government policies, claiming that some civic groups tried to “organize a revolution” in 2020 and 2022, “engage in LGBT propaganda,” and “discredit the police, judiciary, and the Georgian Orthodox Church.”

Are any of these concerns so unbelievable to anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention to what has been happening in the United States over the past 25-odd years? U.S.-taxpayer funded globalist mouthpiece Voice of America glumly echoes the crux of the matter:

Kobakhidze has accused foreign diplomats and Western officials of baseless and humiliating criticism and “speaking the language of blackmail.”

Kobakhidze accused foreign-funded NGOs and media organizations of exacerbating “radicalism and polarization, supporting the revolutionary processes, war propaganda, pseudo-liberal ideology and actions against the national and religious identity of Georgia.” has documented Soros’s poisonous actions across the globe. He has moved to exert undue control over Polish media outlets and was accused of doing the same in El Salvador until enormously popular President Nayib Bukele ushered in a new law taxing foreign money influencers a whopping 40 percent.

Bukele has long seen Soros as a foul presence in his country. He is doing the same thing in Georgia, with the overt help of a Biden administration that features a secretary of State whose father was one of his closest friends and allies for decades. Soros is heavily involved in the Caucasus nation. An Open Society Foundations fact sheet for 2019 reveals that the flagship Soros organization budgeted $4.7 million for its actions there for that year alone. That is just the tip of a very deep iceberg.

“To date, the foundation has invested over $85 million to support Georgia’s social and economic development,” OSF states. “From helping the Georgian government fulfill its ambitions to integrate with the European Union to building support for human rights and good governance, the Open Society Georgia Foundation continues to fund and support a broad range of local partners working for positive change.”

The various OSF programs Soros has unleashed on this small nation speak volumes as to his malevolent intent:
  • Thirty percent of the 2019 OSF Georgia budget went to “democratic practice and human rights.” By now it should be understood that he word “democratic” as used by these entities simply means anything that boosts the ruling globalist progressive establishment running roughshod in the West today.
  • Eleven percent went to “equality and anti-discrimination.” This would be the polarization and anti-religious activity Kobakhidze was talking about.
  • Fifteen percent went to “justice system reform.” Is there a George Floyd in Georgia? Weakening law and order is a classic way to sow social unrest.
  • Nineteen percent went to “health & rights.” This surely means abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and who knows what else (euthanasia?).
  • And, naturally, 17 percent went to “journalism.”
All of this is what the Biden administration calls “defending democracy.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken, son of close Soros associate Donald Blinken, has openly acknowledged that the “independent media” line simply means transnationalism.

“A free and independent media makes our democracies stronger, the Transatlantic Alliance more resilient, and is fundamental to the bilateral relationship,” Blinken said in August 2021 as he opposed Polish efforts to rein in Soros media control. The threat of pulling international finance out of Poland was also clearly expressed.

“[Blinken] warned that if the media law was passed it ‘could undermine Poland’s strong investment climate,’” Courthouse News reported at the time.

Not very subtle, is he? This is exactly what Kobakhidze was referring to when he described foreign officials as “speaking the language of blackmail.” For all their pretenses of sophistication and intelligence, the overlords of globalism are at their core thugs, as befits their organized crime nature. The rigid social tyranny of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland's attacks on parents who dared to question their local school boards, the imprisonment of completely innocent citizens via an FBI-orchestrated entrapment operation at the U.S. Capitol – all these things should drive home to Americans that the ugly strongarm tactics being felt in Georgia right now do not just apply to faraway corners of the globe.

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