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What happens after three doses of the Covid shot? Censors don't want you to know

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 31, 2023

On the Jan. 5 edition of the "Joe Rogan Experience", which Big Media and Big Tech would rather the American public not see, progressive evolutionary theorist Bret Weinstein discusses how Covid injections may make the human immune system unable to fight off pathogens and how censorship buried information that could have turned the tide of the pandemic early on.

Weinstein points to research published in Science Immunology which reveals a “mind-blowing” finding that after three doses of mRNA Covid-19 shots your immune system may be triggered not to fight.

“It’s a very dangerous discovery,” Weinstein said.

The discovery has to do with an elevation in the percentage of IgG4 antibodies:

"IgG4 is actually part of a system in which the body attenuates its own response to an antigen. So the mind blowing, and you know, it’s an early result, maybe it doesn’t get replicated, but… the implication is that the evolutionary path we have traveled is causing the pathogen now to be able to trigger a response that will cause the immune system not to fight. Nobody knows what happens next," Weinstein told Rogan.

"So the idea that a pathogen, and mind you, not a normal pathogen, a pathogen that we can now be pretty darn certain was engineered by humans, at least in part, that pathogen is now triggering that signal that causes the immune system not to react anymore, means we’re in a whole new landscape."

At the root of the problem pretty much from the start of the pandemic is censorship, which Weinstein said has buried information that could have reined in the virus early on, and the intentional act of keeping people in the dark, which may have paved the way for massive wealth transfer ahead of the pandemic.

Weinstein tells Rogan how the narrative has been able to get so out of control, with free speech openly dampened by those in control. He calls the concept “zero is a special number”:

"The idea of zero as a special number is that this narrative control would not work if there was even one newspaper that was dedicated to the job of reporting the news. It wouldn’t work if there was even one university that was dedicated to finding what the truth might be. Right? It doesn’t work if there’s one social media platform in a primary position in which free speech reigns, because in any of these cases, if you had the university that was still interested in truth seeking in an era where everybody else was doing their diversity, equity and inclusion thing, every reasonable person would want to send their kid there, right?

So it would win in competition almost immediately, and the result would be every other institution would have to change their policy to compete. So if you get even one exception, that’s enough to break this pattern."

In a Jan. 20 analysis, Dr. Joseph Mercola notes that another potential mechanism of harm involves Marc Girardot’s Bolus Theory and what happens if a Covid shot, or any shot which is intended to be injected into the muscle, accidentally gets injected into a blood vessel, a demonstrated regular occurrence in hospitals.

According to Girardot: "Say the direct IV injection of a dose of Pfizer [COVID-19 shot] is diluted by 30 by the time it gets to the aorta, you’d have around 10,000 lipid nanoparticles hitting each square millimeter of endothelium during the very brief passage of the bolus. Let’s imagine 10% of these vaccine particles penetrate a cell when they hit it. That means that up to 1,000 cells will end up destroyed by the immune system. That’s more than 100% of the cells in that area! Likely irreparable, similar to a third-degree burn.

"In the case of a proper intramuscular injection, the maximum concentration would be 25 lipid nanoparticles presenting themselves to the same 1 of endothelial surface. Only three would be uptaken, or less 0.4% of the surface would end up destroyed. Those three cell gaps would be fixed within minutes of the immune attack. And life would go on. This brief physical phenomenon, similar to an avalanche crashing through your vascular system, is in my opinion the cause of all the adverse effects we have witnessed these past two years, and that have occurred for decades."

Weinstein tells Rogan that he knew very early on in the pandemic that SARS-CoV-2 did not appear to be of natural origin. Further, it didn’t appear to be due to a simple laboratory escape either, but rather was a highly unusual pathogen with “unprecedented genetic alteration” – one that was likely enhanced in a laboratory before it escaped.

The lengths that Covid overlords, Big Media, and Big Tech went to in crafting a narrative to discredit the lab-origin theory also hints at its relevance, Weinstein says: "Why are they continually trying to reanimate the explanation that this is a natural spillover event? Because if it isn’t, then we know who did it, right? Anthony Fauci was key to circumventing the ban on gain-of-function research that resulted in the Wuhan lab being funded by us [the U.S.] to do this work. So if this was a natural spillover event from a wet market, then Anthony Fauci is in the clear, right?

"If this is the result of ill-conceived gain-of-function research taking place in Wuhan, partially at our direction, that’s a whole different ballgame… those who are responsible cannot allow a full investigation."

If our doctors were allowed merely to treat the virus, Weinstein said, "they would’ve gotten rapidly better at treating this disease, and they would’ve discovered all of the compounds that work. And they would’ve talked to each other about it in what way to deploy those compounds, at what dosage. They would’ve discovered all of that stuff."

Instead, as SARS-CoV-2 spread through the population, fear was used to make the population compliant. Data was manipulated, with Covid deaths including people who died “with” Covid, not from it.

“Those numbers caused us to think the pathogen was something other than it was. And it is obvious to anyone seriously analyzing this that Covid isn’t a dangerous pathogen. ... [T]he case fatality rate is not one that should have caused us to vaccinate literally billions of people,” Weinstein said.

(See Rogan's full interview with Weinstein here.)

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