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White House fixes 10 flubs in Joe Biden's Detroit NAACP speech

Joe Biden addresses the NAACP’s 69th annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner.
by WorldTribune Staff, May 22, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

Many on the Left, from The New York Times to Bill Maher, are asking if there is still time to replace Joe Biden as the Democrat Party's 2024 presidential nominee.

Every time he speaks, more voices join the replace-good-ole-Joe chorus.

On Tuesday, the White House issued 10 corrections on false claims and pronunciation errors from a single Biden speech, Sunday to the NAACP’s 69th annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit.

Here's the scorecard of Biden flubs:

• Biden said he was vice president during the “pandemic” and President Barack Obama had sent him to Detroit to “help fix it.” The corrected version changed “pandemic” to “recession.” The new version: "During his time as vice president, Mr. Biden traveled to Detroit where he met with auto leaders and city officials impacted by the recession."

• Biden denounced the Jan. 6, 2021 protesters as "erectionists." The corrected version changed it to "insurrectionists."

• Biden told the crowd that he was “humbled to receive this organization.” The corrected transcript crossed out “organization” and corrected it to say “award.”

• Biden boasted that his administration is cracking down on “corporate landlords who keep rent down.” This was fixed to the opposite meaning with the correction reading that the Biden administration was cracking down on “corporate landlords to keep rent down.”

• Biden claimed that his expansion of the Affordable Care Act saved families “$800,000 in premiums.” He quickly corrected himself in mid-speech to “$80,000 in premiums.” However, neither number was accurate according to the corrected transcript. According to the White House correction, the number is $800.

•Biden inaccurately quoted President Donald Trump as saying there would be “bloodshed.” That was corrected to “bloodbath.” In March, Trump warned of a “bloodbath” economically if Biden receives a second term.

• Smaller corrections included Biden saying “inspiresing” instead of “inspiring,” “NAAC” instead of “NAACP,” and one instance of saying “have” instead of “are.”

An analysis of White House transcripts by the Daily Caller last month revealed that communication staff has had to correct Biden’s public remarks at least 148 times this year.

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