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Who is Matthew Colangelo, Part II: Trump takes aim at Biden ‘thugs’ pushing ‘hush money’ trial

Matthew Colangelo has experience working for the Biden DOJ, Letitia James, and Alvin Bragg.
by WorldTribune Staff, March 27, 2024

As the next in a series of lawfare cases against Donald Trump gets underway, in this instance the politically damaging New York "hush money" trial, the former president slammed the Manhattan prosecutor leading the case against him.

Who exactly is Matt Colangelo, and what is he doing in New York City?

The Manhattan assistant district attorney is a former top Biden Department of Justice top official. He also once worked in New York Attorney Letitia James’s office.

“Colangelo is a radical left [prosecutor] from the DOJ who was put into the state working for Letitia James and was then put into the District Attorney’s office to run the trial against Trump,” Trump said during a press conference after a hearing in the case on Monday.

“This is all Biden-run, meaning Biden and his thugs, because I don’t know if he knows he’s alive. And it’s a shame what’s happening to our country,” Trump added.

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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, another Trump-hating Democrat, announced he was hiring Colangelo in late 2022 as part of the team investigating the former president.

Colangelo also worked in the Obama administration as a senior Labor Department official. He worked for the Biden DOJ as acting associate attorney, where he helped supervise the Civil, Civil Rights, Antitrust, and Tax divisions.

During his stint in James’s office, Colangelo helped lead the civil fraud case against Trump.

Bragg lodged a 34-count indictment against Trump last year in the "hush money" case involving Stormy Daniels. The case is now set to go to trial on April 15.

Trump’s team had tried to delay the trial, but a Manhattan judge on Monday cited with prosecutors in setting the April start date.

“We very much believe that starting this trial in April or even starting this trial at any point before the election, is completely unfair to President Trump. It’s completely unfair to the American people,” Trump lawyer Todd Blanche said during the press conference.

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