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Why John Hickenlooper embodies the globalist ideal for modern elected officials in the Swamp

Sen. John Hickenlooper

Special to, July 10, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

A sitting United States senator who has also served as a state governor and mayor of one of the most prominent cities in the nation has a proven track record of subversion against the rights and privileges of American citizens. This goes beyond red-blue partisan politics. Sen. John Hickenlooper of Colorado is an arch-globalist seeking to destroy America who just happens to be a Democrat.

We can begin with Hickenlooper’s longtime slavish avidity for China. While today he can be seen uttering robust phrases about standing up to the threat posed by the U.S.’s number one geopolitical adversary, Hickenlooper spent years praising the Asian communist superpower and constantly stressing the critical need for thriving trade relations with it.

In doing so, the former Colorado governor, along with several other U.S. governors, became something of a media darling in Chinese regime-controlled outlets. From a 2018 article in China Daily:

To Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, his trip to China in 2015 left a deep impression.

The pace of innovation in China is breathtaking," he said.

"China is becoming, or already is, one of the global forces in the global economy. We are always trying to refine how we relate to outside investors, especially large investors. So I think China, Japan and India are three major targets that we're trying to talk with all the time, Hickenlooper said.

And here is another 2018 article by China Daily:

Colorado hopes to deepen cooperation with China while appreciating the valuable relations developed by both sides, the state's Governor, John Hickenlooper, said.

"Almost all the governors are trying to work very hard to make sure we maintain our good economic relationships with our trading partners in China. We are very focused on maintaining momentum," Hickenlooper told Xinhua on the sidelines of the National Governors Association (NGA) Summer Meeting in Santa Fe, capital of New Mexico State.

Hickenlooper said the US-China relations cultivated in the past decades "are valuable" and "have the potential to help the economy both in China and in the United States."

"We don't want to diminish the relationships we've created," he added. "We can go a long way in terms of continuing building relationships we have with individual trading partners in each ... state. I think that's very important."

The video version of this report, as presented by Xinhua's TV organ, aptly reveals how China harnesses these statements by American officials for propaganda purposes:

A 2020 article in the Washington Free Beacon features Hickenlooper actively defending the blood-soaked Beijing tyranny:

Colorado Senate hopeful John Hickenlooper praised China as a "great nation" deserving of American respect and told voters that the Chinese do not seek global dominance.

The former Democratic governor ignored China's recent military saber-rattling, crackdowns in Hong Kong, and role in the coronavirus outbreak to laud the regime's lack of ambition.

"They do not want to rule the world," Hickenlooper told supporters on a Zoom call on Monday. "They don't want to dominate. They want to be safe and be respected as one of the great nations of the world, which they are. And we should – I think that's what we should recognize."

Hickenlooper was an active member of the China-canoodling National Governors Association, even serving a term as chairman of the group. The NGA also partners with Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum. In 2018, it boasted:

Today the National Governors Association (NGA) is announcing a new partnership with the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the Centre) to identify and implement policies promoting technological innovation. NGA’s technology policy office, NGA Future, will work with the Centre to host policymaker workshops on emerging innovations at the 2018 NGA Summer Meeting and in the fall at the Centre’s San Francisco headquarters. These workshops will create awareness about new technologies and identify relevant policy actions at the state level.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the globalist spider web. Hickenlooper's wife, Robin Pringle Hickenlooper, is a listed member of the rabidly internationalist Council on Foreign Relations.

Hickenlooper is in many ways an ideal example of the Democrat Party’s full absorption into the trans-national progressive ruling establishment. Here he is in 2008, while still serving as Denver mayor, giving an introductory speech at the CFR's "Rocky Mountain Roundtable" held in conjunction with the 2008 Democratic National Convention being hosted by Denver at the time. Hickenlooper celebrates globalist entities and calls on them "to be part of our democratic process" in America:

These are not benign, friendly words. Mary Robinson was not the president of Ireland when Hickenlooper spoke these words and had not been for 11 years. She had climbed the internationalist ladder to become one of the most powerful figures at the United Nations in her role as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a position she held from 1997-2002 and has been dining off of within globalist circles ever since.

We plebes would not be invited to sit at her elitist table. In short, this is the language of a man who values transnationalism above U.S. sovereignty. Hickenlooper has attended the World Economic Forum's annual gathering in Davos on a regular basis. From the Denver Post in 2013:

Despite being one of only three U.S. governors last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, John Hickenlooper managed to get himself and Colorado noticed.

“Hickenlooper was a star there,” said Hikmet Ersek, chief executive of Western Union, a Douglas County company with a presence in nearly every country in the world.

From the Denver Post in 2016:

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper once again is trading the snow-capped peaks of Colorado for the dramatic mountains of Davos, Switzerland, this week for the World Economic Forum.

Hickenlooper is attending the diamond-studded conference of world leaders, celebrities and thought leaders Wednesday through Saturday. The Democrat is listed as a speaker at a number of events, according to a schedule provided by the governor’s office, including the forum’s panel on the “end of political consensus” and a breakfast hosted by the Organization for International Investment.

It's not hard for a man who places “global interests” over those of his own nation to betray the interests of American citizens by wholeheartedly supporting the invasion of the U.S. via mass migration. From his 2020 US Senate campaign website:

Senator Hickenlooper is an original cosponsor of the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, which would implement sweeping immigration reform that would provide millions of hardworking undocumented immigrants with a fair pathway to citizenship, prioritize family reunification and keeping families together, and make smart investments to effectively and responsibly manage our borders.

And then there is how Hickenlooper made his riches. Hiring illegal aliens to work at his highly successful brewpubs was apparently a staple of Hickenlooper's business operations. In a shocking display of normality, Hickenlooper acknowledged one such illegal, who murdered a police officer, as part of the corporate “family”:

In 2005, Raul Gomez-Garcia, an illegal alien, shot and killed Denver police detective Donald Young and wounded detective John Bishop. Young left behind a grieving wife and two young daughters, who are left to grow up without a father.

It turned out that Gomez-Garcia had been employed as a dishwasher at a restaurant co-owned by Denver mayor and future state governor Hickenlooper. He was hardly an exception. The Denver Post reported in 2005 that Hickenlooper’s Wynkoop restaurant group had in the previous year employed 107 people who did not have matching Social Security numbers. Wynkoop chief executive Lee Driscoll admitted to the paper that the company had had its “head in the sand” on checking the legal status of its workers until the onslaught of negative publicity following the killing had forced its hand.

The now-defunct Rocky Mountain News reported that Driscoll disclosed that Wynkoop employed more than 500 employees in a business with high turnover. This would mean that roughly one-fifth of the employees in Hickenlooper’s restaurant business were quite likely illegals....

Hickenlooper sought to distance himself from the controversy by stating that he had placed the company in a blind trust on becoming Denver mayor. Nevertheless, he referred to Gomez-Garcia’s evil deed as a shock to his corporate “family.” “Certainly, in the restaurant business everyone is like family,” he said, the Rocky Mountain News reported. “It’s stunning to believe someone a part of the family could commit such a heinous crime.”

Hickenlooper’s reign as Colorado governor frequently featured high-profile sops to illegal aliens. In 2013, he signed into law a bill allowing illegals to get driver's licenses in Colorado. In 2018, he signed another bill into law to "streamline" the process, making it easier for more illegals to get licensed in the Rocky Mountain State. In Nov. 2016, reacting to Donald Trump capturing the White House, Hickenlooper defiantly vowed that there would be no roundup of illegal aliens in Colorado:

At a town hall [on Nov. 15] in Alamosa, Gov. John Hickenlooper addressed the issue. "If anyone thinks they're going to go house to house and start rounding people up, it's not going to happen in Colorado," Hickenlooper said, according to a report in the Pueblo Chieftain.

John Hickenlooper is not working for the American people. John Hickenlooper is sitting in the United States Senate. Sadly, he is the rule and not the exception. And what that ultimately means is the federal government is waging a silent [or is it?] cold war against the very citizens it is supposed to serve.

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