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Will midterm elections be fair? Big Tech readies algorithms to combat ‘misinformation’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 4, 2022

Google and YouTube proclaimed on Thursday that they plan to put in place for the 2022 midterm elections algorithms to guarantee that "authoritative" news sources are prominent. In doing so, the Big Tech firms join social media behemoths Facebook and TikTok in vowing to fight election "misinformation."

Critics say that "misinformation" amounts to anything the companies' "fact-checkers" determine runs counter to the leftist agenda.

"At YouTube, we're constantly working to make sure we can be a reliable source for timely news and information. That's why over the years we've built policies, systems and teams that raise authoritative content and limit the spread of harmful misinformation," wrote Leslie Miller, vice president of government affairs and public policy at YouTube, in a blog post. "This work is especially critical when it comes to supporting elections around the world."

They say this in all seriousness. But a quick search of the sites proclaiming to use "authoritative" sources can still find false reporting from the Trump-Russia investigation displayed prominently, including such fake news classics as MSNBC's "Trump Tried (And Failed) To Prove FBI's Russia Probe Was A 'Hoax' ".

Google and YouTube say their algorithms will now place "high-quality election news" at the top of related searches, including information from national sources such as PBS and the Wall Street Journal, as well as local ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates, or, in other words, mostly Team Biden State-run News.

Twitter announced on Aug. 11 that it was incorporating special labels for candidates and releasing "pre-bunks" to combat potential misinformation. TikTok announced its election center on Aug. 17, which will help the video social platform track and monitor the promotion of political content. Meta also said that it was taking actions to stop any potential election or voter interference.

To this day, the so-called "authoritative" news outlets continue their blackout on all news related to fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election. Even Fox News refuses to report on Dinesh D'Souza's "2000 Mules" film which documents mass ballot trafficking in the 2020 election.

So, will the 2022 midterms be fair? Most likely that will occur in states that have instituted voter integrity laws. But, when it comes to Big Tech coverage of the November elections, don't count on it.

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