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Would no-longer-funny SNL give the twerking-baby-Jesus treatment to the prophet Mohammed?

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 13, 2021

Leftists killed comedy. Leftists hate Christmas.

With that in mind, Saturday Night Live's “Hip-Hop Nativity” segment which featured Mary as a stripper, Joseph as the “baby daddy,” and Jesus as a twerking infant, was neither surprising nor shocking.

"Blasphemous and unfunny," Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley noted of the SNL skit. "How about next week the cast of SNL mock Islam in a similar manner and put a diapered Mohammed in a rocking hillbilly tune having a butt-shaking good time? But they wouldn’t dare."

In the skit, SNL host Billie Ellish directs the "Hip-Hop Nativity" with Joseph, as “baby daddy,” shown as a “pimp” in training while Baby Jesus was encouraged to “focus on his twerking” and Mother Mary was told to dance around a candy-cane stripper pole.

Chumley noted: "It’s been a long time since Saturday Night Live could call itself funny; even longer since it could lay claim to being relevant. But why dig so deep to offend?"

About 200 million of America's 330 million people consider themselves Christians.

"It’s beyond tasteless to take the sacred season and twist it toward the vulgar," Chumley wrote. "It’s beyond classless to take the main nativity scene players — Mary, Joseph, Jesus — and degrade them with gross sexualization. SNL staff should apologize. But they won’t."

There will be no apology from SNL because, Chumley noted, in America, "we’ve reached a point where it’s off-limits to joke about transgenders — as comedian Dave Chappelle has learned. But as for Christians? As for other segments of society scorned by the leftists who serve as humor police? Have at it. Nowadays, it’s quite OK to mock Christians, conservatives, White males and southerners — and to do so in as hostile, disgusting, obscene and crude as ways as possible."

"And since it’s now Christmas, it’s apparently open season on Jesus."

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