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'Massive election fraud': Powell files in Georgia, Michigan
Federal lawsuits filed by attorney Sidney Powell in Georgia and Michigan on Wednesday allege “massive election fraud” and multiple violations of the U.S. Constitution and state law in the 2020 general election. The lawsuits also bring forth multiple issues pertaining to the use of the Dominion Voting Systems platform. Read More.
Giving thanks: Trump exposed the ‘ruling class’ and their media
President Donald Trump "showed us the way to a better place, and nothing can take that away from him," a columnist noted. Read More.
Hypocrisy on parade: UN votes on human, religious rights
Tis the Season of blatant political hypocrisy. This is the point where the UN General Assembly is quickly moving through its agenda items and voting on and adopting a series of draft resolutions relating to human rights and religious freedoms. Read More.
Judge blocks Trump policy which bans asylum for child abusers, drunk drivers
The government is exceeding its authority for trying to ban illegal immigrant child abusers, drunk drivers, and a series of other violent criminals from getting asylum in the United States, according to open borders groups challenging a Trump administration rule scheduled to take effect this month. Read More.

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