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Everyone seems to have Crypto-Fever, but what are 'blockchain' and 'bitcoin mining' all about?
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the latest gold rush spawned from the world’s digital transformation. They’ve lit a fire under monetary systems across the globe and challenged our understanding of wealth and value. Individuals, corporations and governments alike have all seemingly been struck by “crypto-fever,” yet few people actually understand what cryptocurrency actually is. Read More.
Silenced Trump majority: TRUTH Social and the case for (re-)decentralizing the Internet
Over the last few years, both mainstream and alternative conservative commentators, including Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and Radio Host Dennis Prager, experienced deplatforming from the Internet’s biggest social media platforms. Read More.
Hemingway: How Big Tech reshaped virtual reality and helped Left hijack 2020 election
Soon after Donald Trump was elected in 2016, the "tech overlords were plotting how to strike back," journalist Mollie Hemingway noted in her new book. Read More.
Google bans advertising on content challenging Left’s climate change narrative
Google is cracking down on digital ads which challenge the Left's narrative on climate change, hoping to cut off or limit revenue for so-called "climate change deniers." Read More.
Vaccine lobby uber alles: YouTube bans critics; Health care worker issues warning
YouTube has determined that any questioning of the Left's narrative on vaccines is "misinformation" and will be removed from the platform. Read More.
Out of control by design: Big Tech deputizes Artificial Intelligence to secretly do its bidding
Despite owning the greatest share of wealth ever known to humanity, Big Tech struggles with fair and effective content moderation. There is bipartisan agreement in the United States that it is failing. Read More.
The Taiwan prize: China lusts after island nation's global semiconductor powerhouse
The invention of the solid-state transistor in the 1950s transformed the electronics and computing industries, and later, human society as a whole. The innovation and refining within the semiconductor manufacturing process drove the so-called "Third Industrial Revolution" from the 1950s to the 2000s. Read More.

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